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Gabriel Scaramelli
5 min readDec 10, 2021


I am trying to get help for plunging you into more confusions. It’s not so easy, I’ll try my best, you have enough of mixed messages along last years, so you have some training. Let’s try with some other tools.

Let’s go working around on why you are not working with a CRM

First, I know that at this stage of 21st century you are not a misinformed people and as responsible for a small/medium company. You have a lot of reading on articles saying why this and that about working with a CRM.

So you decide not to work with a CRM. I am NOT saying that you can’t take the decision to work with a CRM, but you just have taken the decision NOT working with a CRM.

I can get into my mind some scenarios, that will approach to your decision. Furthermore, I’ll elaborate them as if I were you.

  • What I need is to pay attention to my business, buy the best products, hire the best staff to offer the best services on my products. Information management is the least of my problems. I require a solid, loyal, consolidated customer base and to be able to grow with them.
  • Who is in position to tell me, what exactly are the risks that I will take, potentially diverting my time to enter unknown areas for my business and my people. What are the risks of failure and what are those failures.
  • Really ? I have to do all that stuff, just for selling a little more. All that chatty about ROI, who are able to guarantee me, if all that effort is worth enough ?
  • Any new software will only slow us down and deviate us from our main goals. Potentially, will create an environment of frustration as people finally wouldn’t adapt to use it or will not find the balance between the effort to operate it and its benefits. The nature and dimensions of my business do not need something new just to jam into foundations.
  • I know that at the end of the road, I will need to entrust all of my automated tasks to a consultant, ok, but who? We must spend our time to get the right partner/consultant, they will finally own our processes, to the point that even I can’t understand or modify them. Why would I hand over the core of my business and my procedures to a trusted stranger?!
  • Winning a customer, and their trust, involves a lot of work in terms of continuous relationship and knowledge of people, and that has nothing to do with digitalization issues. I do not find the point where it is worth so much effort and especially in those aspects it is very challenging, and why not, impossible, to find a cost-benefit balance.
  • I need to know that I will be in control of my processes and be able to modify small adjustments that my business will need in the future. I’m not sure if I will get it, even though I am continually told that the software they offer is user-friendly.
  • From time to time I’ve tried a trial or free version of a product and my people didn’t get it, should I consider that my people don’t have the skills enough to operate a CRM? Is there something wrong with my business or my people? Or both?
  • I don’t think I require it, but the pressure exerted by the media is ongoing, mails I receive, comments of some friends related to the need for change of my business, digitization, data consolidation, distribution, information sharing, etc. I just think about selling better, and it is not in my thought to sell more and more.
  • I’m sure that if I sell more, my operations will be near to collapse, not only because of production/purchasing areas, but above all because of logistics, pre and post sales service, but however, these concerns are not mine. I’m not trying to sell more, but better, and to maintain a constant quality among my customers grown over so many years.

I’d like to work less, less physical and mental effort, to have more free time, to be able to have clear days and schedules for my family time. I’m passionate about what I do, but I also have responsibilities as a father, brother, son, and friend. I like to be with my friends. They say that our conversations always end up in something related to my business, and it is because something in me is always thinking about it.

Even with all these arguments, you feel that a CRM software can help you, and knowing that all of the above is valid and understandable. I have a positive proposal for you to move forward on a CRM implementation for your business, without discouraging the strength of your convictions.

Why not carry out a step-by-step implementation process.

I will surely be able to explain it better in the near future.

There are no authorship restrictions. Glad to feel these ideas/phrases were useful to you.

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